26 Dimesions

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Just a day or so before, I came across a quote...

Till I encountered it, I used to wonder how messy I have become over the years or may be I was like this all the while, who knows? The simple things in life seemed unnecessarily complicated, courtesy overthinking. And end result always used to be "I must put myself in order". No matter how hard I tried to sort it out, it always slipped from my hold like a mirage. But then, when this quote added an adjective to the word "mess", and the world changed for me. I accepted my "Glorious mess" and realized that without this I couldn't be who I am today!

Propelled by this positivity, I came up with idea of pampering my self. Why not describe "me" with A, B, C, D... or rather rediscover 26 dimensions of me, was the first thought. So here I go, on my trip to discover my glorious mess...  

A for Anagha who loves apples. But hate it when I have to peel off them as they are wax coated. I remember having eaten one apple every day all through out 9 months of my first pregnancy.

B for ball that I bat for, other than cricket! Yes, its my secret wish to see Indian football team entering the world cup and winning it!

C for cat that I dont like at all. But my daughter and hubby dear are its great admirers.

D for dog. Yes I am a big dog lover. Unconditional love, loyalty and courage is what I learnt from them. And my son sides me on this count. 

Thus we have a 50-50 divide and hence we are pet less household...

E for elephant. Few years back my daughter asked me to draw the elephant. And this is how I drew... Going ahead, with its back and tail only being visible! She was not happy with it. But then, I told her that elephant has his fill and now is moving on. Her innocence and ignorance rescued me as she believed in my reason!

F for fish. I remember my visit to Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall when it was recently inaugurated that time. Got to see so many varieties of fishes... simply mesmerizing!

G for goat. Oh I failed umpteen times to avert my better half from keeping his goatee beard... But then could nick name him "Billy"!

H for hot. I am pampered with a hot cup of coffee by hubby dear on week ends. How I wish all days were Saturday and Sunday only!

I for ice cream. Recently watched "Secret Super Star". Loved the scene where the scoop of ice cream falls down and mother buys the kids Kulfi. Joy can be found in small things!

J for Joy Ride. I have to drop and pick my daughter to and fro from Gymkhana 5 days a week in evening for her gymnastics training. Riding on my scooter with both of us wearing a helmet is a great Joy ride!

K for kite. It makes me nostalgic. As a child, had made "Manja" (thread used for flying the kite) along with my brother and other friends. Watching the kite soar high was a such a delight. 

L for lemon. Love everything about this fruit. Its juice, its colour and even the zest! 

M for Maths. Its my favorite subject! What would be life like without maths I always ownder!

N for night. Love it for two reasons. One, I can retire for the day and get up next day refreshed and be thankful for the new beginning. Secondly, stars shine only when it is dark. It has taught me to be me, whether its good or bad patch of life.

O for olives. While travelling across Amman, Jordan have seen many olive farms. Got introduced to olives during my long stay at Sharjah, UAE in a big way. And ever since, its my trusted partner for most of the salads.

P for pen. My father used to gift my brother and me a new ink pen before the start of every important exam. Always had a feeling that his blessings do flow from it and not the ink!

Q for quarrels. Though almost five and half years apart my son and daughter end up quarreling on petty matters at least once a day. Some one has rightly said that with one child you are a parent and with two, you are a referee!

R for rainbow. Its in the name of my blog and is my favourite. I look forward to watching it at least once a year. Have seen the complete circle rainbow sometime back at Pune.

S for Sun. I enjoy the glory of morning rising sun from my bedroom on week ends and from the kitchen on the week days. He rises so majestically that every morning my romance with it is renewed for another 24 hours!

T for "Tick - Tock". Now what in the world is that? That's my nick name and none other than my better half had christened me with it! The sound of the key pad on my mobile and laptop had prompted him. 

U for Uber. Now that I have sold my old car and yet to get the new one, cant think of living without Uber.

V for Van. Have you seen the school vans and how reckless their drivers are? Given a chance, will ban all the school vans from the roads.

W for water. Yavatmal, my native, a small district place in Maharashtra is facing sever drought. Water is officially supplied once in 15 days now a days. Cant image the plight of people there!

X for Xmas. Yet to get out of the hang over that I have got after sipping Red wine at Yvette's place last Xmas. Yvette, are you reading this post??

Y for Yatin that's my better half. He is a nomad and have made me one too!

Z for zombie... that's again me when I run out of time to jot down my random musings!

World is small and round, they say. See, it started with me and ended with me. There is a whole glorious messy world between sane me and insane me! And I am loving it too...

-- § § § § § --

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  1. This was such an entertaining post. Feels good to connect the A,B,C,D's of life with oneself isnt it?

    1. It was such a refreshing ride, Sudha! You can also try it some day. Thanks for visiting and sharing your views.

  2. O wow that was great I wanna try it too tick tock

    1. Believe me Monika it is indeed refreshing and revitalising!!! Tick Tock... thanks for visiting!!

  3. Hey Anagha nice to know I am a part of d ..... Y... of ur life. .... love u dear....Christmas is again round d corner we can go further than d RED WINE this time........

    1. Oh yes, Yvette... that would be great! Look forward to it!

  4. Oopsy .....I meant the X .. of ur life

    1. You were bang on right... Your are an X and Y both for me!


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