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I was cleaning up my wardrobe, just to make some space for the new clothes. Festivities are round the corner, so its inevitable, isn’t it! And I feel so blissful that being a woman, I have a wide platter of clothes to wear from, choose from. As my thoughts were wafting along, I recollected this week’s Thankful Thursday prompt, 
One social media that helped me grow... 

When the thought struck me, I wondered how the mind can match two seemingly different worlds! Wardrobe inmates and the social media… sounds weird, isn’t it? But before you cross me out as a nut or nerd, here it goes…

My relationship with social media started with Facebook. fb was a bridge for a nomad like me. It helped me bridge the distance across the seas with my near and dear ones. Got in touch with many of school mates and college buddies. Jumping jobs, never posed a threat to leaving the camaraderie with colleagues behind. It also in a way gathered a large set of audience, later on. I am thankful that even today, many of friends and family, colleagues, await my posts on fB! Their likes and shares have helped me grow as a person and as a writer too! It also gives me energy to spring ahead!

Just year and half back along with seven friends, I ventured into the wonderland of writing. The free and easy to use Bloggger, helped me unleash my bubbling thoughts. Participating in challenges later added sparks to our romance! Interacting with the readers, patrons and visitors, expanded the horizons to encompass the entire world. Was it possible without Blogger to my side? Cant thank Blogger enough for providing a soft launching pad for my wobbly feet in the writing wonderland!

My latest association is with a chirpy, crispy social media that is, you guessed it right, Twitter! Twitter helped me to focus on my thoughts and then speak out to the world in the most concise manner. It also brought chirps from so many feathery friends to my windowsill. The entire world was on my platter. I was spoilt for choices of reads. Soon I came across birds of same feather whom I otherwise would never ever have thought of flocking with. I was  and am still awestruck with the reach and the might of the tweets. Interactions on twitter earned much needed viewership and eye balls for my posts and the blog! 

They say that “Life is a series of thousands of miracles.” And I feel “Twitter” is one of them. So very thankful to Twitter to bring the chirpiness and peppiness in my writing domain. It has helped me stand up with confidence in the blogging world.

fB for me is like ethnic Indian dress… its an elaborate affair. Because it has helped me grow with my ethnic roots intact!

Blogger for me is like western dress… its an adopted affair. Because it has helped me grow professionally!

Twitter for me is like the LBD…it’s a romantic affair. Because it is short enough to arouse the interest in my world and long enough to cover offers on my blog!

I am indebted to all three equally and cant thank them enough. But when it comes to the choice as the one beloved, I choose the one that is matter of "heart"… Twitter… my sweet heart that had propelled my growth as a blogger! 

Love you little birdie and thank you for happening to me at the right time!  

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  1. Twitter has been my favourite of all of them - amazing how much social media has helped towards being a mum in this day and age! #twinklytuesday

    1. You just added the Mommy perspective to my love towards Twitter! Thank you for visiting and adding value to the post!


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