Cheating Death - Blood & Gore Again {Guest Post}

This is the fifth tale from the series Cheating Death by Lt Col Yogesh Joshi (Retd). He has Served Indian Army for 20 years and has varied experiences in different difficult terrains in "counter insurgency" operations. Post retirement, he is now Chief Of Security, at Infosys Pune. 
In today's post he shares one more tale of Blood & Gore. So read with caution!
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This incident is again from Manipur. I was the Adjutant of the battalion at its HQ. One day, I was on my visit to another company post in Village Sugnu. The post was located atop a hillock and gave clear observation of the area around which was quiet flat, with various small villages spread across. That day early in morning, the sentry reported seeing flames from a Kuki village far off. I accompanied the company commander of Sugnu along with the QRT to see what was happening and if possible to encounter the culprits.

When we reached the village, we saw old ladies wailing their heart out. On enquiry, it was revealed that the a Naga group, possibly NSCN, had come to the village just before daybreak. They were dressed like us, the army folks while carrying out anti-terror operations. They had one person with a replica of a radio set (ANPRC 25) with antenna sticking out of the haversack and a black dog on chain, just like an army patrol would have. 

The leader called the village guard and told him that the army had cordoned the village and would be searching all houses. All the villagers were asked to gather at the ground near the church. This being more or less the drill followed by the army during its operations, everyone was well aware of it. When the villagers assembled at the venue, the leader told them that they would be interrogating the villagers individually behind the church. About 3 to 4 persons went behind the church and other 2-3 started sending young boys and men for the interrogation. Anyone going for interrogation was not allowed to rejoin the crowd so as to maintain secrecy.

Suddenly, one old woman grew suspicious. She moved to a side giving the excuse of nature's call and looked behind the church. She was aghast. The Nagas were quietly beheading the young boys when they came for interrogation. She let out a wail and alerted everyone. Hearing it, all the remaining villagers ran away. The Nagas let them escape, did not fire a single round. But they set all the houses on fire and vanished into darkness.
What I saw behind the church still haunts me at times. 20 bodies piled up on each other with a pile of heads next to it and the red slush all around!!! The brutality of the massacre was so mammoth that it still sends shivers down my spine.

Will stop for a while here. Its been a great November so far, recollecting my old memories and sharing them with you. Share your views and I will be glad! Till then Jai Hind!


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