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November is said to be the 'Month of Thankfulness'. This year, it really started out to be one for me. This thankfulness stemmed out of my own pain and suffering!  Roots of it however belonged to the previous month.

October started on a fresh note of the festivities. Busy with day to day life, I started feeling pain in my right thigh. Initially, I thought it must be because of the annual cleaning activity that I had undertaken. I tried mustard oil massage, ice pack, sleeping with a pillow under the right leg and what not. It seemed to help, but only temporarily. I dragged on, this time literally, courtesy a typical "will be all right tomorrow, lets wait" syndrome! Feeding this syndrome was the fact that, post a good night's sleep, my leg used to be perfectly alright. As the day neared the end, however, it refused match the steps with life.

Pain, one day, had an upper hand and I was left with no option. I finally paid a visit to the physician. After initial examination by the physician, I was asked to undergo certain tests. Till the results were in hand, he prescribed some medications. The reports thankfully turned out to be all normal. And the medicines also were bang on to shoo away the pain. To my relief, I was advised to walk seven days a week for good half an hour. And what if the pain resurfaced, was my doubt. "You can visit me any time. I am with you", was the very reassuring reply by the dear physician. 

This recent bout of pain made me realise how lucky I had been till date. Except for two deliveries, I never had to visit the hospital or undergo any test. Routine check up for maintenance was my only association with the  hospital. Being an athlete in yearly years of life had made me strong and fighting fit. The time invested in training and physical fitness had nurtured my body and mind. Now into my forties, I can not thank the "Health" enough! 

This episode brought a good lesson to my shore. Was I not taking my health for granted all these days? My "sound health", as a faithful companion had never made its presence felt all these years and kept on supporting me silently. And on my part, I was so very unappreciative of its blessings. We human beings take pride in owning and possessing materialistic assets. Having just one house is not sufficient for us. We end up having a holiday or week end home as well. But is that the place we really live or dwell? We live only in one place, that is our body! And if we keep this place healthy, life could be lived to the fullest! 

I now have made a mental note of a gift that I would be giving to my health. I have resolved to be regular with my Yoga sessions and would keep walking. Let no excuses cross my path. I have crossed my heart!

"Health is like money. We never have a true idea of it, till we loose it", said Josh Billings. I learnt it in a painful way. I feel rich now, that I have the wealth of health. With this wealth on my side, I can take on the life's ups and downs head on. 

Pleasure of waking up every day with happy mind and healthy body is priceless. Thank You Health!

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  1. Health is indeed wealth because ill health obviously means emptying the treasury. At times we take our health for granted and its results are out there for us to bear.

    1. So true... we only are responsible for our negligent behaviour! Thanks Sudha for reflecting.

  2. Yes I totally agree. We never realise how blessed we are until we start losing it. I was also an athelete during my school years that made me strong enough.

    1. Good to know that Geethica. Once you have it, its easy to maintain! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Truly said, health is wealth, we should be doing everything to be in good health. Thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursday #ThankYouNote Contest

    1. Old proverb but it never looses it sheen, isnt it Tina! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.


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