Sifting Sands Of Time And Thoughts

As usual, this Saturday, I visited BlogAdda for the prompt to write over the week end. My eagerness was met with a surprise this time. It read, “30 minutes timer to just write”… a topic that translated to an open canvass, a free hand and the luxury to speak the mind. It was a great delight!

When I took to pen, and closed my eyes, the hour glass with its dripping green sand appeared bold and pronounced. As I wished to go past it, it did not buzz, but the sand pile at the bottom started shaping up! Slowly my mind drifted to the no man’s land and there stood the number 30. And it was not alone. It had the company of the word “Minutes”. They were just inseparable.

Just then I heard a giggling sound. It was emanating from the long lost memory.

The Pizza Delivery man stood at the doorsteps with cold boxes. It was the night of the 31st. Inundated with orders from every part of the city, my pizza was delivered way beyond the 30 minutes promised time period. Biting into chewy pizza was the last thing that I could have wished on the last day of the year. Not a preferred way to welcome the new year too! Paying for them was another misery. As I was about to argue with the delivery man, he politely said, “Sorry Madam. The pizza could not be delivered in 30 minutes time. As per the policy, the bill is on us. You don’t have to pay for it”. And he walked away after wishing me a happy new year and a promise that such an experience would not be repeated in future.

I could not believe what I heard. Coming back to reality, I started giggling. I ate the free 'Algid' pizza, without complaining about it !

The laughter lingered on in my mind for a just a few seconds. It was soon replaced by anxiety and frustration. My mind had just sifted to the next memory.

I was writing the 12th board papers. The subject was English. I had finished answering 3/4th of the paper. Fingers were tired of writing, but the mind was pushing it further and further. Piercing the silence of the room, came the announcement from the invigilator, “Last 30 minutes. Please tie your supplements”. It was the highest level of terror attack for unaware me. For a moment my heart stopped, mind went blank, lips turned dry… all this in a flash of seconds. Tears brimmed up the thresholds of the eyes. Thought of not being able to complete the paper was far too overwhelming. Few minutes passed away with a great conundrum in my mind. Something had to be done urgently, a feeble voice echoed in my heart. I wiped the tears and with the express speed, I continued solving the paper. The pain in the fingers got pronounced, but had no time to cajole them. Though I could not give much justice to the rest of the questions, my last full stop appeared, hand in hand with the final long bell. The pen dropped from my hand and I had a sigh of relief!

My mind was still floating through the lanes and by lanes of the scattered thoughts of 30 minutes. Some got chuckles and some made me ponder. The alarm set for 30 minutes, on my mobile went off, putting a screeching a break to my journey. 

Feeling refreshed with this sojourn, I then put the period to this post!!!

-- § § § § § --

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  1. It feels so good to pen down so many memories isn't it? i loved the title of your post too. Felt a connect too to the situation writing papers with fingers aching yet wanting to complete it. Nice to know you enjoyed a free pizza too. haha

  2. Ha ha ...this made me smile.

    1. Glad that you had a good time reading this post, Upasana. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thought!

  3. What brilliant memories. I love that the pizza story and have the same memories of that awful announcement of time coming up in an exam. The panic! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Its indeed a pleasure to be associated with #Twinkly Tuesday! I am glad that you loved pizza story!


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