To Each Their Own

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Windows have always made their presence felt in our life, life that is most of the times confined within the walls. But why are windows so dear to us? Why is a house incomplete without the windows? Just because they offer ventilation or for letting the fresh air in or for decorating and breaking the monotony of the wall? Why is everyone fascinated by them? 

Reason I could see, is that they offer us a view that is independent and unbiased. They transport us to the new world distinct from our inner world. They allow us to be part of the vastness outside yet providing the comfort and security of the four walls!

This thought made me conscious of the views that I get from various windows of my house. To my surprise, I found that I have different views from each one of them. Or was it that my mind was in different frames of thoughts while looking out of them? I could not discern.

Late in the evening when I am about to retire for the day, a glimmering view catches my attention. The darkness of the night is aptly contrasted by the yellow drifting lights, on the not so far off highway. The bed room's  French window thus wakes me up to the view of reality that “the city never sleeps!” The soothing white light, on full moon days, tiptoes slowly into the bedroom; transforming it dramatically into a romantic place!  The view of the white round celestial body in utter silence is a prized one!

The rush hours in morning seems to take a pause, when I get the first glimpse of him. From between the twin towers opposite my kitchen window, he rises languidly. This makes me contemplate, is he faintly sluggish to get on with the day? He is, as you might have guessed, Mr Sun! It is the first view of the day from the kitchen window,  that I wait for without fail...

The kitchen window also opens to the gym on the ground floor of the twin towers on the opposite sides. I can vividly see some fitness enthusiasts sweating out on trade mill. This is an everyday reminder for me to be health conscious! It also sets me on the path of dishing out healthy food for my family.

As the day progresses towards the half way mark, I find myself relaxing on the sofa with newspaper and radio to my company. The chimney from the nearby factory, once a day, most of the times in afternoon, spews dark black soot. Witnessing the drifting trail of the smoke from the living room window sets me thinking about the growing carbon foot print and ever degrading quality of air we breathe. This is the only view, that I wish, I could change!

The same living room window offers the best green view as well! Watching the green canopies of the trees crowding across the long stretch is not only easy on eyes but also on my spirits! The distant horizon, by evening, holds up the new painting made by Mr Sun. His parting gift for the day! The window frame holds this picture with grace!

Every window offers a different sight, a different slice of the world outside. To each their own! Its more like a kaleidoscope, I suppose. Every view is unique and stands true to its character and personality. Life also is a view, a view that is different at different stages of life. What one wishes to live out of it, is left to the choice. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…

Pondering over the windows and the views they offered opened the window to my inner self without me noticing it. This window offered a great view to my inner world!

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  1. Two lines that met my eyes were [my motto- each to his own] [ are we actually thinking similar?] and the one that we view differently from different frames or windows. All of us have different perspectives in life.

    1. Oh is it Sudha! May be that we share the view on life on similar lines and are sailing in same boat, isnt it? Thanks for visiting and sharing ypur thoughts.

  2. A well deserved win, Anagha! Your progressive thought process explained beautifully through words and views. Loved reading this one.

    1. Thank you Mayuri for praises and encouragements. Glad that you paid visit!


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