‘Darjeeling, was correct choice’, she thought. With Mount Kanchenjunga at the backdrop, temperate forests to the company she could work on her pet project, making great strides.

Instructing the staff on arrangements for the day, she stood in the corner.

“A day of mixed emotions?”, questioned a deep baritone.

“The parting agony”

“Checked on Lilly and Ray. They are fine”, he informed.

“Waning winter months, afternoon hours are their favourites. It runs in their blood!”, she said.

“Guests and children appear ecstatic”, he notified.

‘One day I had to return them to where they belonged’, she thought.

Dr Leelavati, assisted by Dr Watson, was working on captive cloning and breeding of the Red Panda. Lilly was cloned. Ray was born out of captive breeding. Now 18 months old, they had reached adulthood.

Walking down the aisle and through the door with them, she had thought of waving them Sayonara.
-- § § § § § --
Red Pandas are mammals native to Eastern Himalayas. They have been declared as the engendered species in India and world wide. Red Panda’s population is on a decrease given to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and inbreeding depression. Though much needs to be done on stopping the habitat loss and poaching, India and the entire world need likes of Dr Leelavati and Dr Watson, who right now exist only in my story. With Science and Technology to aid and the participation by the locals, Red pandas and many other animals could be removed from the endangered species list!
Word Count: 149
Its my contribution to #FridayFotoFiction by Tina and Mayuri


  1. We need to save our Mother Nature. We have ignored a lot of things. We better take proper steps to save what we have left.

    1. No other better person than a microbiologist to voice this, Manisha! Thank you for voicing this concern.

  2. The worst part I assume is that people dont even acknowledge the emergency that we as a species and the planet faces.

    1. True that Arjun. Some things need not be learnt in the hard way.
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your rightful concern on the topic.

  3. This is another brilliantly told tale, Anagha! I look forward to your stories for #FFF!
    Thank you for writing!

    1. Oh I am so glad that you loved this one as well! Thank you Mayuri for visiting and appreciating.
      Its a pleasure to write on the interesting prompts of #FridayFotoFiction. I have in a real sense grown up with this series. And hence feel a connect. Look forward to the new prompt for the next week.

  4. This is such a unique take Anagha! I wish I could think like that. Look forward to your stories.

    1. Thank you Meha. I have the same feelings for your stories Meha. Its a pleasure to be associated with you. Thanks to #FridayFotoFiction!


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